Some info about me and this website

Hello, I'm Michiel or Mike for the English speaking ones. I studied network and system administration and this site serves as an exercise into web programming.

The goal of this website was to have the site run a custom news script that will make use of a flat file (text file) instead of a database. Which is now accomplished. To my knowledge such a script already exists for PHP (cutenews) but not for You will also find some tips on how to secure your pc. I hope this can help you prevent catching virusses or other mal/spyware.

There's also a code section where I've made the little projects I made available.
They are written in Visual Basic .NET 2010.

The site's design is based on Planet wrox a site that is used in the programming book I'm using to learn about web programming.

Lastly I'm interested in hearing what you think about this site, can it be improved, are there mistakes,... ? Let me know.