Poll code version 1.0.3

This is a very simple poll that you can use on your asp.net site. It uses a text file to store the data and a cookie to check if a visitor has already voted. You can download the code and the instructions here.

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1 158 votes: 33.91 %
2 82 votes: 17.60 %
3 92 votes: 19.74 %
4 63 votes: 13.52 %
5 71 votes: 15.24 %
    total votes: 466
Photoalbum with lightbox version 1.0.0


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This photoalbum started as a project for a place I do some volunteer work. They use an asp.net website and wanted an album integrated in their site but the company that made their website said that it wasn't possible to integrate a photoalbum in their site.

After looking on the internet I couldn't find a program that would do the job so I created one myself. It makes use of a multiview which contains 5 views, where only one is visible at the time creating the impression of switching between pages.

The code does the following:

The code puts the images and thumbs (made with a separate program) into an array. After checking how many images to put on a page, there's a calculation to decide which pages and buttons to show. Based on that the images are written to the views. The images are written as a hyperlink with a thumbnail between the [ahref][/a] tags. Addionally a rel attribute is added. With this attribute and the lightbox code from: http://lokeshdhakar.com/projects/lightbox2/ integrated in the page, each image gets a lightbox overlay and also you get to see for example image 1 of 5 beneath the image.

The script has a maximum of 5 pages which means if you have 110 images and your number of images per page is 20, the last page will have 30 images which is the number of images per page + the remaining images.

For an example with more images and pages check: http://michielb.net/other/BW/foodprints/

You can download the code here: photoalbum release 1

If you notice a page flicker when switching to the next "page", you will need to add a scriptmanager and updatepanel to your aspx page. To use the photoalbum just copy the folder to your site and replace the images under the folder \photos\album and \photos\album\thumbs. You need to create the thumbs yourself though! You can change the number of images per page easily by editing the default.aspx.vb file under \photos. If you want to have another album just copy the photos folder, rename it, and replace the images. If you encounter a problem just contact me and I'll try to help you sort it out.

mbNews version 1.0.3

mbNews is a simple program to post news to your ASP.NET website without having to use a database. The data is stored in a .aspx file instead.

The program uses http://www.freetextbox.com/ as the WYSIWYG editor.

You can download the program and the instructions here.

Important: keep in mind when writing news, that you cannot use the | character. That character is used as the delimitor of the data. If you do use it the program will crash.

Helpdesk error reporter

This program will allow your users to easily take a screenshot of an error message and send it your way. I used some publicly available code to do the screenshot grabbing and the sending of an e-mail as is referenced in the source code.

You will need to compile the code yourself with Visual Basic 2010 or higher (or Visual Studio 2010 and up) as you need to change the e-mail account settings. The code uses the details for a GMail account but if you want you can of course change it to an e-mail adress from your own domain. Although using GMail has the advantage that if your e-mail server is the problem that the user is having they can still send you a message.

The program works on Windows 7 (and should work on Vista as well), in order for it to work on Windows XP you need to edit a couple of lines. Which is explained in the code.

You can download the program here.