Poll code updated to 1.0.3 - posted on: 14/09/2013

There was an issue with the poll code where people could vote even when no option was selected. This also caused a cookie to be created thus preventing people from making a proper vote.

posted by: Michiel

Photoalbum update - posted on: 19/05/2013

I made some changes to the photoalbum example on the Code page. When you viewed the page in Internet Explorer and clicked the next or previous button, the page would flicker. In other browsers this wasn't the case.

Another little quirk that was common for different browsers was that if you had scrolled down the page a bit and then clicked the next or previous button the page would jump back to the top of the page. Both these issues were simple to fix.

All that needed to be done was to put the code to view the photoalbum in an ajax updatepanel. 

posted by: Michiel

EMET v4 Beta - posted on: 19/04/2013

There's a new version available for EMET, a tool from Microsoft that helps protects your PC against zero day vulnerabilities. The full version is rescheduled to be released on May 28, but it never hurts to already use the beta version as a safeguard.

Download link over here, more info here.

Update: The final version has been released so links have been updated.

posted by: Michiel

poll code updated to 1.0.2 - posted on: 1/04/2013

I discovered that there was a problem with the poll code. When a user voted and immediately after that refreshed the page s/he kept adding votes. That may explain why there are so many votes on the code page.

This is now fixed by redirecting the user to the page where the poll is displayed after voting, causing a full page reload instead of a postback.

I've also fixed some implicit and unnecessary data type conversions.

posted by: Michiel

Is your router/modem secure? - posted on: 9/02/2013

Recently Rapid7 revealed that a lot of routers and modems accept Universal Plug and Play queries which means someone with bad intentions could change your router/modem settings or prevent you from accessing the internet.

You can check if you are vulnerable by following this link:http://upnp-check.rapid7.com/

Information on how to protect your router/modem when the check reveals you are vulnerable can be found here:

And while you're busy making changes, you might as well change the default password for your router too.

source: http://blogs.computerworld.com/

posted by: Michiel

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