Kaspersky Lab top 10 vulnerabilities - posted on: 7/11/2012

Kaspersky Lab released a report with an overview of the software that poses the greatest security risk. In the top 10 are: Oracle's java, Adobe flash and acrobat reader, Apple's quicktime and itunes and Nullsofts winamp.

So if you are using any of these programs it might be worth to use an alternative and if that's not an option make sure you are at the least using the latest version of the software. In the case of java it's also recommended to disable the browser plugins.

The full report can be read here.

posted by: Michiel

Windows 8's new security features - posted on: 4/11/2012

There are a lot of articles online which focus on the new interface of Windows 8. But only recently I found one that focuses on the new security measures that Windows 8 provides.

You can read about it on arstechnica, the article goes in depth and it's an interesting read.

posted by: Michiel

mbNews important update - posted on 22/09/2012

I recently started using mbNews for this site and I encountered an error when writing a large news item. The way mbNews works is that it writes and reads the file line by line. 

It appears though that .txt files have a limit of the number of characters you can have on one line (1024). The newsitem I wrote exceeded that limit and wrote the rest of the content on a new line, this messed up the structure of the data file and caused the program to crash.

Since 1024 characters is not really enough I tried out some different formats and now the data is written to a .aspx file. I guess it might have a limit as well but it should be a lot higher than the limit of a .txt file.

posted by: Michiel

Poll and mbNews code updated - posted on 19/09/2012

I recently came across some code in a book that allows file access for multiple users. This means that if you are writing data to the text file and someone else views the news page (which means the same file is being accessed) this should now be possible without getting an error.

The version number for the poll code is now 1.0.1 and for mbNews it's 1.0.2

posted by: Michiel

Protecting your pc against zero-day vulnerabilities - posted on 19/09/2012

Recently in the news there were reports about a 0-day Java vulnerability and now there is another one about a leak in Internet Explorer.

A 0-day vulnerability is a fault or leak in an applications code that can be abused by malicious software designed to take advantage of the flaw. 0-day means that there is no current fix and that your pc is at risk if you don't take some steps to protect yourself.

Microsoft advises using EMET to help prevent the execution of malacious code. You can download EMET here. The cool thing about this is that it's really easy to use. Simply install the software, launch it and click configure apps. If you need some image guidance, check security.nl, the article is in Dutch but you should be able to follow the steps just by viewing the images. All you need to do is find the .exe file of the program you want to protect and add it.

The applications you want to protect are the following:

  • your browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • Java (which you should only install if absolutely necessary as it regulary poses a security risk)
  • PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader (although Foxit is safer, lighter and better to use!)
  • Outlook, Word, Excel,.. (sometimes there are vulnerabilities that work via specially crafted documents, so it's safer to protect these applications as well)
  • flashplayer
  • Itunes, Quicktime (these applications suffer from leaks quite often)

posted by: Michiel

Helpdesk error reporter - posted on 17/09/2012

During my internships I've noticed that it's sometimes problematic when you ask a user to provide a screenshot of an error message.

So I made a little program to do just that. When the user encounters an error they launch the program, fill in the fields, press take screenshot and send the message.

More info here.

posted by: Michiel

mbNews version 1.0 is ready! - posted on 8/09/2012

Well it took a bit longer than expected but it's finally ready. A simple program to post news to your ASP.NET website without having to use a database. The data is stored in a .txt .aspx file instead.

The program uses http://www.freetextbox.com/ as the WYSIWYG editor.

To see the program in action go to: http://michielb.net/news

You can't actually add/edit/delete the news on this demo page, but it gives you an idea of how the program looks

You can download the program here.

posted by: Michiel

Poll code added - posted on 21/08/2012

I've added some code under the code page for a simple poll that can be used in an asp.net site.

It uses a text file to store the data so no need for a database. It also uses a cookie to check if a visitor has already voted.

I've also added a photoalbum to the code page. Will put the code up when someone is interested.

posted by: Michiel

Malware demonstration video - posted on 31/05/2012

The website tweakers.net has a video which shows how some of the advanced malware works, showing it from the attackers point of view. You can find the video here.

The intro is in Dutch, but the rest of the video is in English.

posted by: Michiel

Malware removal tools added - posted on 21/05/2012

The security section of the site has been updated with some links to malware removal tools. Also some extra security tips are added.

posted by: Michiel

Welcome - posted on 17/05/2012

Hello and welcome to my website. Here you will find some basic security tips to prevent catching viruses and other mal/spyware. In the future I plan to have the site powered by a news script that I will be writing.

There are already plenty of news scripts and CMS's around but mine will be a bit different in that it will be using a flat file system instead of a database. I haven't yet found a news script or CMS that works this way in asp(.net). I do know that for PHP one such script already exist. Either way it will be a great programming exercise for me. That's all for now, hope you enjoy the site. I'd love to hear your feedback!

posted by: Michiel

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